Chikumanishiki Shuzō
The Chikuma Nishiki brewery is located in the centre of Nagano Prefecture which is a perfect location for Sake brewing because of its naturally cold location having the Asama Mountains to the North and Yatsugadake Mountain (an active volcano) to the South and an altitude of 700 m. From crystal clear water, fresh cold mountain air and great rice, Nagano has the perfect requirements for producing fantastic Sake. Chikuma Nishiki moved to its present location in 1962, but as a Kura (brewery) they have been brewing sake since 1681. The Asama mountain not only serves as a majestic backdrop to the Kura, but also serves as a water source for Japan's longest river, the Chikuma, that flows through Nagano. 99% of the rice that Chikuma Nishiki use is local Nagano rice, including the native Miyama Nishiki variety that is famous for the quality of sake it produces. Miyama Nishiki is prized for its large plump uniform grain and its ability to grow in the extremely cold areas of Nagano.
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