Okamura Honke
Okamura Honke is a small artisanal brewery founded in 1854, it is located in Toyosato (Shiga prefecture), on the east side of Lake Biwa, where they take advantage of the water flowing from the mountains into the lake for their Sake production. The cool winds that blow from the mountains also help the quality of the production during the brewing season. Under the current seventh generation Kuramoto [brewery owner], Masa Okamura, the quantities per Shikomi** [Sake making] are kept below 900 kg. of rice per fermentation tank, and are often considerably less. For the Chōju Kinkame Sake listed below they make only one or two tanks in total. All the rice is grown by farmers in the area, they apply absolutely no carbon filtration to the Sake and pasteurisation is done only once, instead of the usual twice for Hiire Sake.
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