Ōmi Shuzō
Ōmi Shuzō was founded in 1917 as the first modern brewery in the region. During the 1970s it
participated in the endeavour to revive kijōshu, a very luxurious sake on the basis of a recipe that was
used in the imperial palace more than thousand years ago.

Kijōshu means 'Noble-Brew Sake'. Generally aged before being sold [in this case Ōmiji Kijōshu is a 35 year old Koshu], this type of Sake often has a range of flavours similar to sherry. There are some similarities in production technique to that of port wine, although the Kijōshu technique has a much longer history. To make Kijōshu, the Tōji brings the ferment to an early halt by adding a full-bodied Sake from a previous year into the still fermenting batch.
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