Sudō Honke Shuzō
Established in 1141, Sudō Honke is the oldest kura still actively brewing in all of Japan.
The brewing philosophy of Sudo Honke is simple, clean, and natural. Sake is made from rice. Good rice comes from good soil. Good soil comes from fresh and high-quality water. Such water comes from protecting our trees. Protecting the natural environment makes excellent sake.
They have moreover developed a policy of producing only junmai ginjō and junmsi daiginjō sake, although their definitions of ginjō and daiginjō are considerably higher than usual.
Their strict hygienic standards have turned the brewery into a laboratory and their
sake into products of extreme elegance, but also a fragile elegance, which makes that all Sato no
Homare sake should be stored in refrigeration and should be consumed within two weeks after