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Brewery: Senkin Shuzō
Availability: In Stock
Style: junmai, kimoto, daiginjō, muroka, nama, genshu

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A revolutionary new type of daiginjō sake. Sweet-and-sour, full-body and rich taste. A return to traditional sake-making and handwork, but with a very refreshing modern result. The beautiful handmade label features the two Chinese
characters for Senkin, as flying cranes. Drink cold.

The moment - pairing advices
Suggestion Alone as a glass of chardonnay or riesling wine. Goop pairing with different kind of raw fish preparation as carpaccio, sashimi and tartar. Steam fish with veggies, grilled scallop with a bit of olive oil. Cesar salad, vegetable stired on a wok.
Prefecture Tochigi
Alcohol 17%
Rice polishing (seimaibuai) 50%
Bottle size - ml 720
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