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Brewery: Moriki Shuzōjō
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Style: junmai, kimoto, muroka, nama, genshu, shizenshu

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This Tae no Hana is pre-modern Kimoto slowbrew and the rice has only polished down to 90%, which means only 10% of the rice grain has been removed, producing a more robust character in the resulting Sake. It is the ultimate proof that fine, balanced sake can be made from almost unpolished rice. The sake is labelled 'Challenge' because it takes eight long years to get it right.
Aromas of freshly fermenting Sake and pears. A round mouthfeel with a hint of spice and pear fruit, the finish is refreshing apple and rice bran acidity.

The moment - pairing advices
Suggestion Perfect with fried croquette, fried dumpling, grilled chicked,… Actually good with everything depending the temperature
Prefecture Mie
Alcohol 16%
Rice polishing (seimaibuai) 90%
Bottle size - ml 720
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