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Brewery: Umetsu Shuzō
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A rare pre-modern sake from one of Japan's most stubborn brewers. No yeast and lactic acid added,
letting nature do its work in a slow-brew kimoto method. The rice is polished merely 20%, resulting in
a deep complex taste, a strong rice aroma, and a long finish. This sake acquired its impressive
staunch quality and its truffle-like aroma only three years ago, when a yeast variety took over in the
brewery that was very resilient and made for an extremely long fermentation. Dry and full-body. Drink at all temperatures, but in line with the spirit of its maker, try at least once heated.

The moment - pairing advices
Suggestion Excellent as dry and deep flavor digestif. The only sake that I advice to try with an ice cube. Amazing combinaison with a strong cheese like Munster or Herve
Alcohol 19%
Bottle size - ml 720
Prefecture Tottori
Rice polishing (seimaibuai) 80%